Dr Kalpit Patel (MS Ortho, FRCS)

(Specialist Joint Replacement Surgeon)

Get to know about VISCO SUPPLEMENT

People with knee arthritis will often avoid moving the affected joint because of the pain. Our physical therapist can help the patient work out the joint stiffness without damaging it.

Non - Surgical Methods of Treatment


Instead of the routinely used anti inflammatory painkillers for symptomatic relief; long term usage of Glucosamine Sulfate oral medication has shown to modify the disease progression by improving the existing articular cartilage. Morever they are free of side effects !

Hyaluronan knee Joint Injections

Newest class of knee injections which act like lubricant and have Biologic Healing as well as mechanical effect (reduce friction of warn out joint surfaces due to lubricating action)

In the search for non-operative treatments that provide greater relief, doctors and researchers discovered the benefits of lubrication injections, or viscosupplementation. This is a relatively new form of treatment for knee OA.

Patients with early/medium stage arthritis of the knee joint have lower levels of hyaluronic acid in their joint fluid and it is unhealthy. It is not able to protect the cartilage and bone from grinding and damage as well as it once could.

So the viscosupplement dose in form of three injections provides additional hyaluronic acid which fills the joint area and increases lubrication in the joint,making joint movement much easier. Also,researchers think the injection of hyaluronic acid may stimulate the body to produce more of its own hyaluronic acid, which will further cushion the joint and make the effects of the injections last longer